Porta Elsel-lar: The magic aeroplane

This is an incredible idea - the takeover and transformation of an entire aeroplane - by Spanish artist Eduardo Cajal

It's the kind of incredible idea that seems so obvious once it's done, but also begs the question, how did they do it? The sheer energy and commitment required blows my mind.

Aeroplanes have become a strange bogeyman in society - the cultural phenomenon we are curiously uncomfortable with. From horizon-expanding machines that promised to turn the world into a village, they gradually evolved into became instruments of war, weapons of terrorism and agents of climate change. 

To look at an aeroplane now is to see the promise of escape, tinged with the sadness that there is no where really left to escape to. That's what I love about this work I think - it helps restore some of the magic and mystery of flying. It reminds us of how incredible it is to soar above the planet and look down on all the tiny people below. If only more of us could get such a perspective...